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tv   Good Day Philadelphia at 7A  FOX  April 3, 2017 7:00am-9:00am EDT

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a teen grabbed off the street, and section aislely assaulted in an abandon home. her alleged attackers also teens, they are still on the loose. >> these juveniles are out of control. they are every where. >> why frustrated neighbors say this is not the first time there has been trouble at that home. the fight over the supreme court, heat up, why a confirmation vote this week could forever change the way that the senate operates. from north broad, to the pinnacle of college basketball >> i have got to go all the way back to my temple day. >> philly native dawn staley lead south carolina to a national championship hear her shout out to temple moments after winning it all. and speaking of sports it is time to play ball, the 2017 baseball season is finally here. the phillies open up on the road in cincinnati, this afternoon if the weather holds if the weather holds, yeah , forecast is looking
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pretty bad in cincinnati. >> showers in the forecast for surey noticed in the last few hours, and, baseball, and for years. and, it is the case,. >> sue. >> you are the sue that is here. >> yes. >> welcome back. >> it is good to be back. >> it goodies to have you back >> and, how long was i gone. >> i have been gone since february the 15th. >> fifteenth. >> this afternoon. >> long is time i have ever taken off in television. >> how are you doing. they are towing my car. >> ppa still don't play. >> but after what i have been through, it doesn't bother me. they can toe my car, yes, they can't make me mad, i can only allow them to make me mad. i'm all full of mantras. >> i'm loving them. >> we are all learning. >> the light in me sees the light in you.
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>> that is the one i like. >> that is what i am. >> i should not make fun about this and i have to talk seriously n fact, my brother tom, tom jerrick, he says i got up at 5:50 this morning for your return, and you will not talk bit until 9:00 o'clock. >> yes. >> you're looking good, congratulations and welcome back. >> do you look good. >> you do. >> was i looking bad. >> no, you just look brighter, and smile on your face. >> another thing i have learned, just say thank you. you know how people get a thank you, this old thing, you know, that dress is beautiful. >> yes. >> there you go. >> just say thank you we're good to have you back. >> great to be back. i missed all three of you for sure, inn everybody the scenes , except keith and certainly the viewers. by the way, april 3rd is
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my dad's birthday. if you weren't with us at 6:00 . >> could not get any cuter. >> his name was frances eugene jerrick. >> yes. >> you are michael eugene. >> that is how i got my middle name. >> i like that. >> good head of hair there, good tv hair. >> i was the main reason i was in therapy. >> i'm kidding. >> a lot of people are excited you are back. one viewer sent thus message, look at her reaction. >> mike's back. >> that is a good sign. >> that is a good excited. >> mike back. >> the computer is blocking up , again, it is great to be back. >> but the computer logging up , there is ryan, hi, ryan. >> big phillies fan. >> but the computer locking up and all of the technical problems, it is not going to
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bother me. mr. computer, the light in me sees the light in you. >> serenity now. >> serenity now. >> serenity now. >> we will talk seriously about this because it is a serious thing at 9:00. i got two hours to get serious >> can you do it. >> okay. >> we have to look at the weather for today, seriously. it will be eight out of 10. that is pretty good. now yesterday was even brighter then it is today. we are starting off with sunshine and here's budd which a gift for you, mike, chocolate muse on national chocolate muse day. wear your phillies gear. first day of the season. hopefully they will get the game in. too bad it is not home game because we don't have rain in the forecast for today. 44 degrees right now. we have 33 up in the mountains thirty-eight in lancaster. a couple chilly spots this morning if your kid, are waiting for the bus in the suburbs you might want to put a warmer jacket on them today.
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we have rain on the way but not until tomorrow. so enjoy 67 degrees bob kelly your high temperature today. got to love it. 7:05. good morning everybody. monday morning up and out, live look at schuylkill expressway stacked up leaving center city out toward belmont we have had a four car crash right here approaching belmont avenue, we have got all of the cars out of the way but the damage is done, southbound on the boulevard extra heavy from ninth all the way down to approaching the schuylkill expressway, schuylkill again, running slow from montgomery out toward belmont avenue, eastbound we have a normal delay around conshohocken curve and folks watching down the shore. northbound lanes of the parkway an accident overturn vehicle right here near avalon , septa running with delays on two regional rail lines, right out of the gate, warminster and paoli thorndale line. atlantic city expressway tanker accident yesterday, eastbound lanes are back opened this morning. they will shut everything down
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again at 8:00 a.m. to finish the clean up. at that point traffic will be diverted off at route 54, hammington interchange heading eastbound, mike and alex, back over to you. police are searching for a group of teenage boys who they say sexually assault aid young girl inside an abandoned house in hunting park. >> she's only 13. lauren johnson is at philadelphia police department special victims unit, lauren. >> good morning mike and alex. hopefully police can get help from neighbors hoff been seeing teens in and out of that abandoned home, this morning, they are hoping to find those three boys responsible for sexually assaulting that 13 year-old. victim was taken to st. christopher's to be evaluated sexual assault happening at corn over the butler street and park avenue just one block from busy broad street. police tell us just before 5:00 p.m. a 13 year-old girl was walking down the street,
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snatched up, pull in the property and assaulted. at this time, police have not told us whether the victim knew those attackers or if the attack was completely random. and, in that neighborhood, too afraid to show their face on camera, and, they say not only about the kid and their parents but now about the crime. >> and, everything, and i feel like parents should be held responsible. these children come in that vacant building causing all kind of ruckus around here and here it is a 13 year-old girl is assaulted. i just don't get it. >> reporter: neighbors say the abandoned property has been boarded up for quite sometime as owner has not been back to manage it but that doesn't stop kid from pulling board off the window and climbing inside. one couple told us they caught teens trying to get inside their homes through windows so they had to put extra re enforcement in place to make sure their children were safe and then again this morning
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investigators trying to identify those three boys seen leaving that home, yesterday, mike and alex. >> hard to imagine teenagers are doing this. >> yes. >> 7:08. another day in court for bill cosby and this is over evidence in his sexual assault case. >> here we go again, this morning, the interest taner's attorneys willow owe entertainer's attorney will try to bar any mention of quaaludes in this upcoming criminal trial that will happen in june it looks like now. >> jenny joyce is at montgomery county courthouse. he should be arriving in what two hours. >> reporter: we know hearing starts at 9:30 so sometime before then we expect him to arrive. thinks ball which evidence will be allowed to be brought up in trial and which evidence can be barred from trial. last week prosecutors filed a motion to view statements cosby made about his use of the aphrodisiac spanish fly. it is 191, and in a live interview with larry king seen
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here cosby used spanish fly to get girls interested in him. his defense attorneys say the comedian was just joking but comments are not funny to prosecutors who are trying to see cosby on assault charges in june. he ace cues of drugging, molesting andrea constand a former temple university athletics department employee at his philadelphia home in, 2004. and, cosby said that the sexual contact was consensual, and prosecutors are pushing to introduce evidence that cosby 's testimony from a decade old deposition, in which the actor admits to drug ging a string of women before sleeping with them. cosby claims did he not use quaaludes and his defense team thinks that the testimony should be barred from the trial. so all of this is expected to be debated at today's hearing. dozens of women have raised sexual assault claims against cosby but judge steven o'neill has ruled only one can testify at the june 5th trial. so cosby pleaded not guilty, in 2015, again, we do expect
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developments happening shortly , mike and alex. >> okay, we will be there. 7:10. a man accused of shooting into a parking lot of a gentlemen's club last week is expected in court this morning, according to, 29 year-old lawrence mitchell will be in camden county superior court for a detention hearing as he is face ago tempted murder charges. he used a rifle to fire shots into delilah's parking lot, from a build ago cross the street from the club. the shots hit two cars parked nearby as a woman was walking toward the vehicles, mitchell is be are being held in camden county jail on fugitive charges. tulsa oklahoma police officer who was shot dead, shot dead an unarmed black mandy fend her actions on national tv. >> her name is betty shelby. she shot and killed terence croucher in the middle of the street back in september of
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last year. shelby said that croucher had a odd zombie like behavior. she sat down on sunday for her first interview since being charged with manslaughter. >> his shoulder's dropped, his arm drop he was reaching in and it is fast. just that would tell any officer that man's going for a weapon. >> shelby talk about her husband who was working as a spotter on the police department cotter that day. her criminal trial is expect to begin in may. she faces life in prison if found, guilty. and this is a big day for judge neil gorsuch with an expected senate committee vote he is about to cross one major hurdle on his path to the supreme court but democrats are on the verge of pulling out all of the stops to oppose him. doug luzader has this store friday washington what do you think will happen today. >> reporter: today, he is very likely to make it out of the senate judiciary committee.
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that is relatively easy hurdle for neil gorsuch but full senate confirmation will be another matter and republicans may have to change the rules. will neil gorsuch make it to the supreme court? >> judge gorsuch will be confirmed. >> reporter: judge is republican senate majority leader so confint as senate democrats look close to coming up with enough votes to filibuster the gorsuch nomination, mcconnell has the so-called nuclear option at the way the senate operates to require just a simple majority to confirm supreme court nominees. democratic senate leader chuck schumer sees that coming. >> look, when a nominee doesn't get 60 votes you shouldn't change the rules you should change the nominee. >> reporter: for both side there is risk rules change means that president trump would have a much easier time if the court soon has another opening, on the other hand, with the day comes that republicans lose the senate majority, democrats will have
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more power. but much of this has to do with morerick garland president owe bam's pick last year that republicans refused to consider. >> this is pay back, because you know, chuck schumer is normally a very pragmatic politician but he has to respond to the outrage that so many people in the senate feel about what happened to garland >> reporter: make no mistake republicans say they are ready to make it happen. >> i think during the course of the week we will find out exactly how this will end but it will end with his confirmation. >> reporter: we will see. have one has the next battle in mind, because gorsuch isn't likely to change the ideal logical tilt of the court. next opened slot potentially could and that could last for decade. so partisan squabbling continues, but of course, there is bipartisan agreement in welcoming mike back, mike, great to see you bipartisan
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agreement, we finally of it. >> thanks, doug, very much. real quickly here explain the nuclear option again because what do they have, they have three democrats on their side. >> reporter: yes, so far, just three and you have to reach that 60 vote threshold in order to cut off debate under normal rules, republicans have just 52 members. they can change rules and make it simple majority. it is what democrats did when they were in control but didn't apply to it supreme court justices but just lower court nominee and executive appointments. we will see. >> change the rules. >> yeah. >> it looks like you take my ball and go home, change the rules. we will see i again tomorrow. thanks for welcome back. appreciate it. it is something many of us do, i do it at night, almost every night, all night. >> yeah, we're talking about charging your smart phones while we're asleep. more so than that, this happened saturday. you fall asleep and your phonies in the bed with you because you're sleeping with your phone. >> i have my phone in the bed
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every night, for the alarm clock. >> you sleep with your phone right next tour pillow. >> sometimes if i worry about not getting up, i will put it on my chest and i'm sure that will kill me prematurely. >> don't say that. >> but it goes, like this. >> don't move. i would be concerned would i move in my sleep. >> i do not move that much. >> no. >> interesting if i'm on my back, like a turtle. i do not move. >> i cannot sleep on my back. >> i'm a side sleeper. >> one man said he almost died while charging his iphone in bed, now is there a warning about the dangers of all this. >> so karen, you are here to explain. he was in his bed. did he fall asleep. >> that is right, did he it like mike does, he sleeps witt on his chest. mike doesn't wear any jewelry that is saving grace for mike but important warning for this if you have old cell phone charger cord throw them out. this guy is 32. he is from alabama.
7:16 am
he gets a shock of his life when he falls asleep with the phone in his bed and he is charging it. it is plugged n he rolls over. he wears dog tags. the dog tag that he was wearing got caught on the exposed ring. can lou at his neck? do you see what happened to his neck right there? it is just stunning. dog tag got on to the exposed prongs of the charger head and it became a conductor. electricity started to sizzle there on his neck and just a piece of the skin were coming off and flesh. he was thrown out of the bed in a matter of moments. he just stopped feeling anything. he lost his vision. his family was screaming for them to come. his hand burn, neck is born, they come from a different part of the house. he suffered second and third degree burns from the hand to try to rip them off and his neck. this is very common. this is a big warning according to the american burn association. extension cord are the cause of about 5,000, 4700 residential fires every year. >> that is true. >> kills 50 people and injures
7:17 am
280 people a yeary get that, those are extension cord, it has nothing to do with the i phone. >> but when it is plug in and connection comes off. if you have old cord which we do from old phones throw them out, anything frayed, hot mess like that just literally a hot messy don't that have but i remember back growing up, frayed cord, you would have about 10 different things plugged into one socket, and but i have one of those electronic what though call them, the strips. >> power cord. >> yes, surge protect ter. >> right under my bed as a matter of fact. one thing about this, because it it is a very serious thing. but how do you know i don't sleep with chains on? that is how you started your report. >> i don't know for a fact but i do know many times you telling story you sleep with your phone right on your chest >> that i do know.
7:18 am
>> the jewelry wearing guy. >> i'm not. >> he may not be talking about jewelry. >> she necessary how i sleep. >> all right, then. >> yes. >> welcome back. love ya. >> good to be back. >> she will be joining us at 9:00. >> now should we join sue. >> is she coming apart. >> let's join sue. >> right there with you. and, what it is like, and, light jacket, because with the calm wind, it is not going to be bad today. we will see quite a few cloud, 67 degrees. showers and thunderstorms, and 72, back to sunshine on wednesday, back to showers and thunderstorms on thursday, and the iffy day and it it is iffy is friday for phillies home opener. we have good weather for saturday and sunday, so, if it doesn't work out for friday, bob kelly, maybe get a double header on saturday or sunday. >> there you go.
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>> that throws you had for a loop. we will call it 7:19 on this monday morning. a live look at the roosevelt boulevard, northbound an accident near wissohickon and delays on the schuylkill expressway leaving town from an earlier accident out near belmont avenue where we're bumper to bumper approaching the boulevard out and up the hill toward belmont. here's a live look toward downtown philadelphia stacked up. folks trying to get over toward 30th street station on the vine street expressway government gang down short northbound on the garden state parkway an accident near avalon interchange. septa running with delays on its regional rails, warminster , paoli thorndale, doyletown line, they have cancelled one of the trains on airport line, so again, nice weather, but problems again this morning on the regional rails, mike and alex, back over to you. we have got a champion, um , i'm excepting this as a championship for philadelphia. >> it is because she's from philadelphia dawn staley she won a national championship she led university of south carolina to a 67-55 win over
7:20 am
mississippi state in the women 's title game last night and she began her coaching career at temple university. she was there for eight years before leaving for south carolina. in the moments after winning she didn't forget that. she said her time at temple played a big part in the win. >> i got to go back to my temple days. these guys believed in our vision. we took that vision to south carolina. that vision was, we will be the national champions if you stick with us. if you are disciplined. if you believe. if you are willing to work hard. >> wow. so dawn's just the second african-american coach to win the national championship, she's also a third time olympic gold medalist, she's been busy. >> not only are we celebrating her the wnba, they are also celebrate herring, they tweet ed out a video of highlights from her amazing basketball career. here it is.
7:21 am
>> she made you believe you could do better, play better. >> she never took the day off. >> make the free throw. >> she was a leader and star. she won national player of the year award in high school and two more in college. while leading the university of virginia to three final four appearance is yeah, man, philadelphia's proud this morning so some background on dawn, grew up in a housing project in west philadelphia she played high school at dobbins tech. she led dobbins to three consecutive philadelphia public league championships, and in 1988, she was named national high school player of the year. only player under 6 feet to win that award. she stand 5-foot five but stand proud and tall today. >> she should stand tall. >> yeah. >> just her career on the court, her career as a coach has been amazing. >> she beat a good team
7:22 am
mississippi state. they of course on friday night beat geno your emma from norristown his u-conn huskies because u-conn everybody said u-conn will win again, they are like you coon. >> of course. >> mississippi state had an eight-point lead in half time and they won on a buzzer shot in overtime, so, but geno had won 111 straight game. >> wow, that is a lot of wins. >> wow. >> lets stay with sports here, hi, fred, what is going on, brother. from basketball to baseball. >> opening day is here, most teams in action for first time this season and they are also reaching another first in the payroll department. >> what do you mean the payroll department. >> we will explain. >> okay. >> and celebrity trainer with a new mission, the man who trained the monkey is training your monkey and the tiger in the hang over movies, and numerous celebrity pets is also on our show that i watch called lucky dog he will join to us show us how to train your dog.
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new year. do you have a new dog.
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we have something here for you, a phillies snuggy. >> it is freezing cold in this studio. it always has been. >> i have a blanket anyway. >> phillies play in senate toy day. >> by the way, phillies sent me a hat, it is one of those that doesn't have, the ad just ible thing in the back. this is for someone, i look like forest gump. >> yeah. >> run forest, run. >> do you think this is a woman's hat. >> i don't know how can you tell it is really small, lauren simoneti can wear this. >> maybe you have a big head. >> it would mess up my hair. >> it is opening day for you, welcome back. >> thanks, lauren simonetti. >> you look beautiful. you look like a quaker. >> you just missed me. >> yes. >> so let's talk about payroll for major league baseball.
7:27 am
>> tremendous, they hit $4 billion for the first time, ever. that is a lot of money. lets look at the l.a. dodgers they bring in the most, 225 million-dollar, in pay their team. the tigers, just under 200 million. they are next. yankees in third at 195 million. so, phillies are number 21, at 111 million-dollar. you are playing red today, today is opening day in philadelphia. >> no, it is in cincinnati. >> oh, sorry. >> do you think 111 million sound okay. >> well, we haven't been good the last couple of seasons and it is probably going to be at 81-81 season. it is like kissing your sister we will not be that good. >> i'm sorry, my mistake. >> phillies will win the world series, yes. >> i'm surprised lauren that the detroit tigers are so high
7:28 am
, at second you said. >> yeah, i'm surprised that the cubs, the winners of the world series yesterday they are not even in the top five. >> but year before that kansas city royals, they have a very low payroll, and they won it all, so maybe money doesn't translate into championships. >> money doesn't buy happiness and it does not buy championships. >> you know, money does buy happiness. >> it does buy other things. >> lauren, i have missed you. >> i missed you too, mike. >> but i follow you on instagram. >> do you like having mike back. >> yes, what do you mean. >> i feel like i never left. >> you follow me on instagram, with you i had a bachelorette party this weekend and difficult not post any picture s. >> that is an outrage. just send them to my phone. >> he is holding his phone now , i'll okay them. >> he is waiting for the pictures.
7:29 am
>> nothing scandalous, trust my don't even know what women do at them parties anymore what do you know did you used to get to women's bachelorette parties. >> in olde city, just on saturday night i saw a woman is what the deal now you walk around and you drink and you wear a veil. >> so people know you are a bride. >> perfect segway, beautiful job at segway is here to our wedding segments that we have with jen fred. >> part of the reason why they like these because it is so much to plan and prep for the wedding. >> well, you better get in shape. >> yes, eight weeks until memorial day or your wedding, one of these women is a bride. we will tell you which one, graham said we need to add one thing and take one thing away if you are trying to get ready within eight weeks we will tell you, in the fitness sent they are morning. hoist bride to be this one that one, that one.
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bus stop buddy has his red sweat shirt on and phillies cap and light jacket is all you need on this national chocolate muse day because it is milder then yesterday. we have 44 degrees in the city with calm wind and some 30's around in the suburbs, so you may need a warmer jacket at least for this morning but by end of the day upper 60's, limited sunshine, not as
7:33 am
bright as yesterday but high of 67. we will take that. sunset time not until 7:28. nice long day, bob kelly before the rain starts. >> it means i can take a nice long nap. good morning everybody on a monday, getting up and out, live look at the schuylkill expressway coming and going, eastbound side your normal delays coming in the city from conshohocken on in. westbound heavy, because we had an early morning accident out near belmont avenue causing a delay from the boulevard up the hill, in toward belmont. so picking up volume all around the board like downtown here on the vine street expressway heading in to 30th street. we have an accident north bound on the garden state, parkway, there we go, right here, guess who is back, right near the avalon interchange, and, rough go for septa commuters this morning on these regional rail lines. delays on the warminster, paoli, lansdale, doyletown and one of the trains for airport
7:34 am
line out right cancelled for morning rush hour. mike and alex, back over to you. >> mike's waving to the crowd. >> people coming by window here. bill cosby returns to court today over evidence in his sexual assault case. this time lawyers for the entertainer want to bar any mention of the quaaludeness his upcoming criminal trial but prosecutors want to use cosby's testimony about obtaining quaalude toss give women and his riftness a book in the tv interview with larry king about trying to slip women spanish fly. they say cosby's previous comments show familiarity with date rape drugs. we have attorney fred tecce joining us now as we await him to show up back in court. do you think they will allow this in, from the book, was a 1991 book, and larry king interview. >> 1991 stuff is almost 30 years old. it is really more about spanish fly which you are a 13 year-old boy with hormones raising you read about and wonder about. it is a long time ago. it may be undually prejudicial
7:35 am
to show whether or not he knew about date rape drugs and stuff like that spanish fly is not a date rape drug. comments about quaaludes is different. that was testimony he stopped a long time ago. judge has to weigh this. it is a balancing act as to whether it will be what the law calls undually prejudice because you want the jury to make decision based upon facts of this case in the because of some way that he has been tarnished. i'm not trying to defend him. he is entitled to due process rights. >> these cases happened a long time ago. it just happened a long time ago. >> they did but two wrongs don't make a right. we have statute of limitations for a reason. judge has ruled one women can testify. we will hear about the one victim in this case. i'm in the trying to defend bill cosby. i think these allegations, i don't think, these allegations make me stomach turn. they are very disturbing and troubling. but the fact of the matter is he is entitled to due process. if the law strips due process from a guy like bill cosby what do you think it can do to
7:36 am
you, me and every other ordinary citizen. >> prosecutor is arguing this shows if you admit this his state of mind and how he felt about drugs in general. >> i know kevin steel. i have known him since he was a young d.a. very good trial lawyer. brian mcmonigal is spectacular lawyer as well. and you are allowed to show evidence. it is what they call evidence of prior bad acts. they can show intent. motive. they can show lack of mistake. they can show a lot to have different things. we are talking about what goes in the commonwealth's case in chief. if cosby takes witness stand we are playing under completely different rules. >> let's get to delaware. we will give you an update when cosby head to the courthouse. we will get to that. but in delaware, remember three delaware girls are charged for fatal school bathroom fight. that will get to trial nearly a year after a 16 year-old girl died, and remember the big story at the time was will they be charged as an adult. that will not happen. even the 16 year-old hoist really main person in this. >> correct.
7:37 am
>> she will not be charged. so what will happen today in my opinion, i disagree. i think that woman should have been charged. there was premeditation there was effort to draw this young woman in the bathroom. she's charged with criminally negligent homicide what that means is you did something that was reasonably foreseeable to cause a death. an example i gave my students if you are in a big party and shoot a gun in the air and bullets hit someone in the head and kills him. i didn't mean to kill anybody but reasonably foreseeable. those are the charge that he is she should have been charged w because she's charged as a juvenile, she's subject to minimal penalties. , probation, community service , and, vapor ice when she turns 21. i think she should have been charged as an adult. she has shown no remorse. >> nothing that can be done about that. >> no. >> and a court round up, this morning. >> thanks for having me. >> d.a. seth williams, scheduled for a hearing this afternoon. it is procedural. but this is first time we will see him with his new attorney.
7:38 am
>> he has a new lawyer. i have told you this before, i began against this pretty overwhelming. change in lawyers is probably like rearranging the deck chairs on the titanic. time will tell. there is in front of the judge rice, he gave him time to get a new lawyer. we will see how that pans out. >> so they are supposed to appear today this afternoon. thanks so much. >> thanks for
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look at this. look at your moves. you learned how to dance. >> it took six weeks to learn how to dance like that. >> hey frank, thanks. >> frank the barber. >> you are grooving, look at
7:42 am
that. >> a crowd has formed outside here at fourth and market. well, behind that sign is action you'll i joan from port richmond. she watches every day. >> so sweet. >> i surprised her. i gave her a sweater. she wears it. >> that is joan. trust me she just doesn't want to show her face. >> she said from the bottom of the sign you cannot see it, it says guess who. i am sure she is glad you recognize her even through green neon sign. >> that is so great. >> what else do you got. >> we have another tweet people welcoming you back. i believe this is from matt cord. >> oh, okay. >> look at that. he is doing his show right new too. >> yeah, matt and ben fm. >> that is right. >> look at that. >> thanks very much, how sweet great to see you back with alex. >> he is a good guy. >> he is a good guy. >> you know what he will have me do? >> what? >> apparently at sixers game
7:43 am
people ring bells. >> that is huge. >> i think it is saturday night. >> allen iverson does that. >> me and ai. >> i want to go. >> we're trying to work here. >> it is a all falling and crumbles around you, quite the moment, like all eyes will be here, you cannot mess this up. >> are you good at ringing bells. >> have you ever seen my clap per. >> my goodness. >> so you don't need the practice. >> no. >> this is different from throwing the first pitch and singing national anthem. thinks all before a game. >> did you notice donald trump , our president has taken my advice and will not throw out the pitch at a game. isn't that true. >> he declined the offer. >> he declined because i believe, there is just no upside to it. because if he bounced it, you know, odd of him throwing it that far he used to play baseball. >> as a matter of fact, he was pretty darn good baseball player donald trump and the
7:44 am
phillies also actually looked at him, 50 years ago to be a philadelphia philly. >> they were scouting him. >> in high school. >> lets say he would have played for philadelphia phillies at 70 instead of president he might be manager because charlie manual managed into his 70's. >> true, things could have been different. >> are we in the right spot here? okay. so phillies, will play today in cincinnati, but the weather looks pretty darn bad and it will rain most of the day in philadelphia game is supposed to start at 4:00 o'clock, but we will talk phillies because it is opening day, opening day , of course, was yesterday in major league baseball. two or three teams played. phillies open up against the red. we will lot guys on the verge of the blossoming into stars including stacy. the guy that cried. >> yes. >> stassi. >> yeah. i haven't met him. i want to meet him. >> right what a moment.
7:45 am
by the way jeremy will start for the phillies, today, over in aaron nola.
7:46 am
prodders, shuckersers, and sniffers, [ inhales ] all giant produce is triple checked. farm, crate, and store. we're focusing on fresh... you don't have to guess. my giant.
7:47 am
good morning, an accident in the northbound lanes of i-95. this guy facing wrong way, i-95 northbound right here near route 413 near levittown interchange. we are bumper to bumper
7:48 am
heading northbound, cameras looking south, heading down into philadelphia, an accident in conshohocken at seventh and wells, right in the neighborhood. morning rush hour underway, schuylkill slow go, conshohocken on n we had an earlier accident westbound on the schuylkill at belmont avenue east on 422, heavy from collegeville on in. warminster, paoli and lansdale regional rail lines are running with delays. airport line they have an earlier trains cancelled this morning and atlantic city expressway coming up at 8:00 will close, they will close eastbound lanes again, at the hammington interchange, so they can make final clean up, from yesterday's tanker accident, so, again, in about 10 minutes all eastbound lanes are closed, all traffic pushed off at hammington and work your way along 322 to get in toward atlantic city. what is forecast like for everybody here and down the shore? sueby has got tonight 15 seconds
7:49 am
hey mike i want to see if this look, look this is the sign. >> it is a green sign. >> yes, i was hoping you could read it. there you go. see that is what happens when you wear something green on tv a little lesson, tv, 101. >> look at that. >> you have a warm front. >> i'm a little stormy too. >> that is how it is, down in alabama, mississippi, thanks, bob, and these are thunderstorms that were destructive yesterday in lieu san and spread nothing to alabama and parts of the georgia. so we will keep an eye on that plus cincinnati, ohio where phillies are starting their season today or they are supposed to. little rain now they are supposed to have a little bit more before the end of the day nothing happening here, look
7:50 am
at where the rain starts, probably nine or 10, rains heavily overnight. we will get a break here on there. it is a rainy day. today enjoy it, 67, nice day on wednesday, more rain rolls in on thursday, question is, whether it will linger into friday because you know, mike and alex, friday is... the home opener. >> yes. >> for the phillies. >> please don't make it rain. >> get rid of that. >> there it is. >> no more you will go, aren't you, alex. >> i would love to go. last year, it was nice, sunny, warm, perfect day. >> i remember. >> it was amazing. >> nice it is rare. >> we will go no matter what. >> okay. >> is that at 1:00, 3:00. >> 3:00, four, 6:00, starts at midnight, yeah it is 3:05. >> midnight game, yes. so fightin phillies are set to open up the season in cincinnati, about 4:00 o'clock , that is if the weather holds because weather
7:51 am
looks pretty bad as sue was just saying. so lets talk about the phillies anyway. then we will touch on the flyers. eytan sanders is back from 97.5 the fanatic. >> great to see you first and foremost welcome back sir. >> nice to be back. it feels good to be back. >> i'm sure it does. >> now front page of the daily news says ready, set, grow. >> yes. >> that sound dull. >> well, whenever you watch something grow the early stage of growth is dull. i get that. but i have to disagree with you. eighty-one-81 is not like kissing your sister. based on what we have the last couple years 81-81 is like nailing-- no, getting who you want to get to the party as far as locking it down. >> what are you thinking about >> stay away from my sister. >> slip of the tongue there. >> as far as locking down you're deal date for the prom. so, a cinnamon.
7:52 am
>> eighty-one-18 based on how things have played out last couple of years we know expectations are not playoffs. we know playoffs are not world series, 500 baseball will be great this year. it won't be exciting but it will be great. >> doesn't he talk well. >> yes he is very smooth and his voice is deep. >> i'm trying to pull myself out of a pretty big hole there >> yes. >> it is not that big. >> i will be invited back. >> starting pitcher is jeremy hellickson. >> same exact guy we saw opening day last year. he pitched well, he lost. but this year he is elder speights men, veteran we go to above aaron nola, jared eickoff and it business stability today. it is about the guy who in this position may not be best arm at the end of the season but this is the role that they see him fit right now is the ace, starter.
7:53 am
>> hoist another guy, jared eickoff. >> yes, younger pitcher as well. last year he didn't struggle but he had a decent year. just under 500. run production this year will help him significantly. >> doesn't he have a great curve ball. >> he can locate that. >> nice. >> breaking ball, breaking ball is an asset for him. control is a huge help for eickoff. on the flip side control for aaron nola, other youngstery thought his last name was new orleans. >> i'm sorry. >> his last name is in the new orleans. >> it is not short for new orleans, it is actually nola. >> i know that. i'm just kidding. >> i know aaron nola. >> control is issue for him. he has speed up, velocity up but we are waiting for him. he has injury with the elbow. if he can be healthy and control the ball, he can be the ace. >> the ace. >> they are saying did he well during the spring. there is some positives outlook for him. >> of course. >> we always enter the season
7:54 am
with this positive outlook. >> that is true. >> like that friend you reconnect with on facebook in college and high school, better team is, deeper the conversation is. we hope it is in the one of those hey, have you been. it is great. you never talk again. >> i have met a guy who reconnect on facebook with a high school friend. >> friend. >> they were in japan together in high school, their dad were in like the u.n. or whatever. they are getting married. >> reconnects on facebook. >> yes. >> it doesn't have an adjustable band in the back it is a fitted hat. >> this must be for children. >> well, we didn't even get in the owe even if, two star break outs, our stars, miguel franco. >> right. >> this is year for him. he took a tiny step back. he wasn't a full step back but tiny step back, his third full real season in the majors. he will be locked in at clean up spot. he has a guy in front we will
7:55 am
touch on odubel herrera who will help him this will be huge. >> flyers are mathematically out after losing to the rangers last night four-three. >> four straight win lead nothing to that loss. they do this they bring us in, as soon as we bite and say now is the time to believe. >> yes. >> what is record for phillies this year. >> i say 81-81. >> 500 baseball. >> i'm not equate ago this to any type of kissing any sister >> he is going for unc. >> i think they will win the game with you i'm going for ducks. >> oregon saga. >> like i said, oregon is not even in it. >> they were they just got knocked out. >> i don't know, in the 6:00 o'clock i was rooting for oregon. >> you said gonzaga. >> i said ducks. >> you didn't throw him at life preserver at 6:00 a.m. >> i try to when i can. >> i was rooting for u.s.c. >> yes. >> i'm rooting for gonzaga.
7:56 am
>> they are dull. >> they are dull. >> they have that giant guy with the beard. >> he is massive. >> yes, 7-foot. >> dofussy can't because north caroline ace coached by roy williams and he used to be at kansas. >> there that is issue there. >> great to see you. >> great to be listening whenever you are on. >> thanks, eytan. >> we are trying to guess the bride, the bride to be's. >> you have eight weeks to get in shape for your wedding dress, right. >> exactly. >> guess who the bride is is the game we are playing this morning. >> guess hot bride is and what is fast cardio and how could it work out. guess hot bride is? we have got, a black tank top, navy t-shirt, pink tank top who is bride to be in this room.
7:57 am
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
a 13 year-old girl grabbed on the street, abducted, assaulted, and, police are looking for this morning, that , might shock you. he can make wild animals, play nice. >> ahh. >> celebrity dog trainer brandon mcmilan trained the tiger and monkey in the hang over movies. he is joining us live with tips on how to calm a hyper dog. eat cake, without guilt? so let them eat cake, thinks salad cake. it is a new craze in japan but you don't to have travel to get this. how you can make these beautiful creations for every meal if you'd like. talking about his new girl >> we are having a great time, she's an amazing girl. >> alex rodriguez opens up but his romance with jennifer lopez but what makes her amaze to go her guilty pleasure, a
8:01 am
rod is sharing it all. we are trying to figure out what their name is alex rodriguez and jennifer rodriguez. >> i think it is jen rod is what you have heard on tmz. >> or jalex. >> no. >> jen rod. >> that doesn't sound that great eater exactly, sue. >> do you want to see my jen rod. >> do you see what i mean. >> welcome back, mike. >> good to be back. >> we have something else from a viewer. >> this is from sophie. she's really excited thaw are back. she may be little but she's one of your biggest fans, she loves watching before school she was so exited to see you back. sophie loves you and alex. >> thank you, sophie. >> how sweet. >> how do you feel. >> i'm two hours in. >> two hours in, i'm good. >> like riding a bike. >> listen i have had five weeks of therapy, i'm good
8:02 am
nothing can upset me. >> nothing at all. >> are you sure. >> you are trying to make me mad. >> last time, can we do a quick test. move aside, this is one thing that i know drives you crazy. everyone here will necessity too. what the if the prompter pedal wasn't working. >> before that would make me mad. >> right now it is okay. >> you could hit my hand with a hammer, it wouldn't even bother me. >> wow. >> he can't make me mad, i can only allow him to make me mad. >> do you see the stuff i have learned. >> yeah. >> thank you for sharing. >> so happy you are back. >> we are. >> ah, shut up. >> is there our mike. >> lets get to the weather today. we will start off with our number it is eight out of 10 in weather by the numbers. buddy is here, no too bundled up, it is cool but light jacket will be okay in the upper 60's by the end of this
8:03 am
national chocolate muse day, yum, yum, yum. so we have sunshine, bathing market street, yes, we are in sunshine. 47 degrees and calm wind this morning. other temperatures are still to the 30's in lancaster but we're up to 51 in wildwood. sixty-seven is our high to today here in philadelphia. milder afternoon, cloud, some sunshine, and then rain rolls in tonight maybe even a thunderstorm or two. low temperature 52 degrees. so once again bobby we are glad it is only rain. >> you got it. >> 8:03. good morning. lots of sunshine and some delays here. i-95 northbound an accident near route 413 up in levittown causing delays from woodhaven up through levittown and thinks also that construction zone where they are building new ramps that connect turnpike to i-95. accident in conshohocken at seventh and wells in the neighborhood, delays west on
8:04 am
the turnpike from fort washington into mid county,e on the schuylkill coming around the curve and delays here an some regional rail lines, even early morning airport lines was cancelled this morning, so pack your patients heading out the front door. so great to be able to say, mike and alex, back to you. >> that is us, thanks bob. >> a.m. developing out of, hunting park police are searching for a group of teenage boys whom they say sexually assault aid 13 year-old girl inside an abandoned house. it happened just before 5:00 in the 1300 block of west butler street. police say girl was walking down the street when group of teens pulled her in the abandoned property and they attack. victim was transported to st. christopher's hospital and listed in stable condition. in a short while bill cosby will be returning to court for latest showdown over evidence in the sexual assault case. >> yeah, this time and there has been so many times, this time lawyers for bill cosby want to bar any mention of
8:05 am
drugs like quaaludes. >> or spanish fly. >> do you remember that from back in the day. >> so jenny joyce is live at montgomery county courthouse with more on this, hi there, jenny. >> reporter: this hearing is all about the evidence, what evidence can be admitted, at trial, and, which evidence attorneys on both side want to have barred from the trial. we have heard about cosby's admitted use of quaaludes but he has made mention of spanish fly, supposed aphrodisiac of chemicals from beatles. prosecutors want to use statements cosby made in his 1991 book childhood and live interview with larry king that same year explaining that he used spanish fly to get girls, interested in him. his defense attorneys say the comedian was joking but that comments are not funny to prosecutors who are trying cosby on sex assault charges in june, the 79 year-old is accused of drugging and molesting andrea constand a former temple university employee at his philadelphia home in 2004, cosby said that
8:06 am
the sexual contact was consensual, soy there is also a question about whether or not a decade's old deposition of cosby's testimony could ab lud to be admitted as evidence a few issues to be debate today. cosby's hearing is 9:30, and, and, and, in the courthouse, and many times, getting out of that suv. >> well, speaking of court, alex holley. >> if you bring your phone court to philadelphia, you must not use it. criminal justice center partnered with the company called yawner, so start to go day you will be given a lockable pouch. you can keep it with you but it will remain locked until you are ready to leave. on your way out court personnel will unlock it so you can your phone. >> that makes sense to me.
8:07 am
>> because it is distracting people taking pictures and stuff. >> probably protects victims too. >> while i was away as a matter of fact, they locked up my cell phone, i didn't have a cell even if for 30 days. >> was that freeing. >> in a way, it was, i sneaked it out one time, i talk somebody into letting me have it, and didn't return it but they caught me. >> what did they do to you. >> knocked on my door. >> do you have your phone. >> i said, no, it is up in the sun room. >> you had a sun room. >> that is nice. >> woman followed me up to the sun room to get it, and i actually had tonight my pocket >> how did you do it. >> i ran up the stairs ahead of her and she was slow, and so i ran over to the shrub and pretended it was in the shrub. >> pulled it out of my pocket and gave it back. >> do you think she knew or no >> no. >> you are a pro at this.
8:08 am
>> yeah. >> are we pausing for an open here. >> no, we can go on. >> we want to get to jen fred. we have all these bride with her which one is the actual bride to be. how do you get yourself together in just some weeks before the big day. >> we have to work out. >> you have to work out. first of all mike say hi again one tip that which one is bride to be. it is not the one in the pink shirt. she's either in a gray shirt or black shirt. so we talk about getting ready for wedding. it is usually eight weeks until memorial day. these things can translate to a lot of people. >> tell me what this cardio is >> it is basically something where you want to stimulate metabolic rate early in the morning, wake up before you have any breakfast, you wake up, hit incline on your treadmill, or any cardio equipment, 25, 45 minutes and
8:09 am
you ref up your metabolism and rocking the rest of the afternoon. >> running around the neighborhood. >> you want to stay in your fat burning face. you want to keep it, more walking phase, twisting cardio , eliminating any extra calories this one hurts me personally no alcohol or suga ry drinks. >> people forget about that. >> it is huge. >> so limit alcohol but take out a lot you will see a few changes, drinking liquid. you want to make sure you eliminate as much as you can and put in extra calories elsewhere. >> food journaling, but say it works. >> it might be a anything to start in your head but same time so easy to keep, maintain and visualizing and seeing what you put in your body every day which is important because consistency is what will change your look, also change how you are eating and how you are feeling. >> ema'am. >> it is a real specific type of work out, change up your
8:10 am
heart raid and it stand for every minute on the minute. here on the box jumps they are switching it up. they are doing an exercise for certain amount of reps and our coach, marie, says switch. >> we love her. >> but when she says switch, basically switch it up with doing another exercise or something with or without weights. just another way toll straight and change after different styles of work outs. >> i love it. >> when i get back from spring break i will try some of those things. >> okay. >> i have your number, sadly. >> so alex, mike which one of these lovely ladies is the bride to be. >> this human. it is not rachel but she's adorable. is it this gorgeous hugh man. we will navy, or long sleeve gray. >> i was going to go with the woman work out with rachel. >> navy shirt it is long
8:11 am
sleeve. there she is, conn great eulogies. >> very cool. >> putting her work in. >> you showed me something. >> what is wrong with you. >> getting ripped. >> i was than the even thinking about that. >> what was the one you showed me on saturday, a pull down and separate it. >> it is for your triceps. >> we work out together on saturday afternoon. >> we tried one machine. >> you pull it down and then go out to the side and your triceps pop out. >> yeah. >> all right. have you met this guy brand an mcmilan. >> but he can get wild animals together. >> i know you have seen his work because you have watched the hang over. he trained that tiger, he trained monkey and he has a show called lucky dog. >> you don't need a wild animal to get help from him.
8:12 am
>> what if he has a dog. >> he can help with you that too right, lauren. >> that is right from the book to real life brandon just met max and max should feel like a lucky dog we will see him work coming up after the break.
8:13 am
8:14 am
apparently, people think i'm too perky. so now i'm not being perky, telling you that drivers that switch to progressive save an average of $548!
8:15 am
whoo! i mean, whoo. burlington bristol bridge is on stand by for an opening. get ready to grab a jumbo coffee or extra doughnut or head to the tacony pag my use. accident in front of the kelly drive at spring garden, so that is causing delays for folks coming in the city, here's accident scene north on i-95, right at route 413, one of the vehicles off in the wood here right in the area where they are doing construction for turnpike and atlantic city expressway all eastbound lanes closed again now at hammington, so they can clean up that fuel spill and then tractor trailer accident that occurred yesterday right here near farly service plaza forecast for today, sueby has got it in 15 seconds.
8:16 am
it is now time to start talking with allergies. we will try to bring the report as often as we cannon days like today, be prepared for high tree pollen levels, the tree pollen is juniper and mapel that we're dealing w low tomorrow. that is because we have rain in the forecast. we have rain in the forecast for thursday as well, that is why we have medium to high levels forecasting ted. wednesday should be high. all that tree pollen out there we are expecting solve this rain, tonight, and tomorrow, cincinnati's expect something rain, today and we care about that, why? because it is first day of the phillies 2017 season. they open up in cincinnati. they opened here on friday and yes, we have a little bit of rain by then in the forecast, so it is sun rain, sun rain, and rain. put a question mark there with the shower there alex. hopefully we will answer that with no rain on friday.
8:17 am
>> so is there a chance we won't have rain. >> positive. >> i'm crossing my finger. our next guest has made a living training dogs and dogs that most people might deem un trainable, unwanted or un adoptable but yet these are precisely kind of dogs that celebrity trainer brandon mc milan prefers to work w his goal to turn them into movie stars and he knows how to do it. if you have seen hang over you remember tiger or monkey. they have big rolls in the hang over. you have already seen his work up close if you have seen the movie. he is so good that people like ellen gee generous, eddie murphy, snoop dog, rod stewart , they have trusted him to train their dogs and now m.a. ward winning host of the lucky dog and shark week he wants to teach you how to do the same. he is doing it through his new book called lucky dog lessons which promises to teach you how to train your dog in, guess this, seven days.
8:18 am
really, lauren. >> seven days, he said. i have been thumb go through books. he has pictures in here. he has instructions. forget book when you can have the man in real life. brandon, thanks for joining us in mount holy. >> thanks for having us you just met max, you have in the known him long. >> less than that. >> a few minutes ago. >> you have been working with him. describe max, is he like some dogs people get when they get frustrated. >> max is a one year-old german shepherd. year-old dogs they are techniquecally adolescence. you ever met that 13 year-old kid fully under control. that is what we are witnessing max's a great dog but like most shelter or any dog this age he has in control. what i'm doggies teaching him fundamentals of control. control is first step to train as you can see, we're working on his impulse control. i have a plate full of treats. he has never been faced with
8:19 am
this. i'm demonstrating a technique known as double leash lock off where i have a harness, and i have another leash, on his other part. as you can see i have full control with this technique. now he is control and teaching him control, now watch this, calm down, when he is hold on, calm down, three, two, one, good. i can see he has an issue. if he wasn't leashed up he would be going at this like pack man. this is technique i demonstrate. everybody can do this. you can lock it off to a pole, a chair, and this right here is how i can get 100 percent of my dogs and i can teach them, to be controlled and have manners,. >> good. >> that back leash. one leash wouldn't do this you would be trying to keep him
8:20 am
away. that is why it is double leash lock off. >> how cool was to it work with the animals in the hang over. everybody knows that monkey. >> i trained the tiger too. >> i heard, from the moment it was a cub. >> no, i raised her. >> i raised her and trained her from the time she was a cub. >> big difference between dogs and other animals. >> not really technically dogs are spoiled. we spoil animals, dogs are domestic animals. they rely off their environment and they are very spoiled off their environment, they are products of their environment. where wild animals are always wild. it is tough to change that wild attitude of a wild animal >> it is wild to watch you do this i cannot do this i have a 4-pound dog and she is not that well train. i cannot get her. >> i have a 5-pound dog and she's terrible it is little breeds, they are bad. >> so grab the book so you can have a lucky dog at home because this is amaze to go watch. >> key is don't get a 5-pound
8:21 am
dog. secondly this is a handsome dude. i watch him on tv, the lucky dog show. he has a cut in his eye brow. i want one of those. >> we can get a razor. >> lou fanly if you have a cut in your eye a tiger he might have been, on the set. >> yes, in real lifey want to cut something in my eye brow. >> okay. >> i will get over to salon vanity will they do that. >> they do eye brow shaping. >> yeah. >> eddie will take care of me. >> okay. we have got breaking news out of russia, listen to this an explosion at st. petersberg subway has injured an unknown number of people. >> we are still waiting for details we will update you as soon as more information comes out but there has been a explosion and number of people have been injured. we don't know how many but there have people injured. well, he is gushing, very happy to be with jennifer lopez. >> wouldn't you be.
8:22 am
>> i would be. alex rodriguez opens up but his romance with j lo, from what makes her amaze to go her guilty pleasure, a rod shares it all, yes.
8:23 am
8:24 am
8:25 am
it is official, can you believe this, for the first time alex rodriguez, he confirms he is dating jennifer lopez. >> i think this is a good match. they look good together. >> i have seen paparazzi photos of them coming out of restaurants. she's holding on to his arm, looking very fabulous. >> j lo and a rod together, ladies office view asked him he went on their show to spill the beans about his new romance, and the former yankees star didn't turn down the opportunity to tell them why she's, so, amazing. >> we're having a great time, amazing, amazing girl. one of the smartest human beings i have ever met. also, an incredible mother.
8:26 am
>> incredible mother. >> yes. >> awesome athlete. >> i knew that. >> j lo fans. >> she's a puerto rican from the bronx. >> great sister, great daughter is what her guilty pleasure eating wise. >> she will kill me if i say too much. >> just give us a little. >> she likes check late chip ice cream and cookies. >> i like her. >> look at them trying to get dirt on j lo what does she like to eat. >> when i saw this on tmz live , it is sweet because for a while some people thought he wouldn't talk bit. how celebrities sometimes when it is new. he did. tmz was saying it was interesting how he was talking about her. >> yes. >> stuff that people would say , if you her friend or something, you know, they are lovers. so shouldn't you be like, oh, my heart, when i see her or something. >> my heart goes a flutter. >> yes. >> she lights up the room when i see her.
8:27 am
>> i felt it was prish, like a great mother and a good athlete. >> what are they intimating that it is a publicity opportunity. >> they just wish he had gotten more details, i like the way she looks, laugh. >> maybe he is in the free that way. maybe he is kind of pushed >> yes. >> maybe it is new, he wanted to respect her and she's wonderful. >> yes, exactly. >> yeah, it is dull. >> since the news of their relationship broke, alex and j lo have been spotted together several times, including coming out of the restaurant there in midtown manhattan. >> is what the name it starts with an s do you remember. >> i thought it was an m. >> it starts with the m, i thought it was an s. >> it is over near forty-ninth street. we will get it. >> so, she's back inn they we see her segments. >> well this one should be good because i saw this one on instagram and on the internet,
8:28 am
she is cakes are made out of salad. it is a salad cake new craze in japan. >> hold on that cake is healthy. >> no frosting involved. >> what would that pink stuff be. >> we will figure it out and ask her isn't that cool. >> we will show you example where you can see it, my good ness. >> it can't be mayonnaise, so it is something healthy.
8:29 am
grit. some have it, some don't. when the odds are stacked against you, you either hide or stand up. at strayer university we've seen it in our students for 125 years. and if you ever think of quitting, our success coaches will be there to pick you up and work with you every day to put you on the right path. it's time. strayer university. let's get it, america.
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8:32 am
we've added shade to the bus stop -- bus stump buddy. >> what did you call him. >> bus stump buddy, he is stumping for better weather forecast for friday. but it is chocolate muse day wear your shade, phillies gear because it is first day of the season. hopefully they will get the game in, too bad it is not a home game because it will be dry today. it is 47 degrees right now, how about adding 20 degrees to that and that is our high temperature for later on today increasing cloud is the day as it goes on we will get rain at night but all and all pretty nice for monday, seven day forecast, guys, coming up. >> have you heard about this thing they do this in japan,
8:33 am
it is a salad but the salad looks like a cake. >> it is crazy. >> you can see it on instagram and stuff. >> she calls them veg deco salad. she uses vegetables for just about everything. it is even tinted frosting. but it is tinted using vegetable juices. if you want to have cake but want to be healthy, this might be way to do it. >> salad cake. >> isn't that beautiful. >> invented by a blogger, food blogger in japan but we have a food blogger right here in philadelphia by the name of robert pepito from homemade >> yes. >> this is really cool. >> those are salad these are salad cakes. >> she uses a tofu base for my frosting, difficult cream cheesed base. >> philly cream cheese. >> of course. >> this is first one this one has zucchini, i used spinach, a spinach dip, so frosting is like a spinach thing. >> i hear you.
8:34 am
>> and round zucchini, some snow pea shooters and tomatoes when you cut it through you will get a salad in the middle >> what is in the middle. >> let's find out out. >> which camera. >> hand held, okay, all right. >> there you go. >> hard to cut. >> look at the inside. >> so car adds, cabbage, zucchini, all that is in there >> do you want to try it. >> you will not like it. >> he won't like it, there is a little bit of ranch dress nothing there you don't like ranch. >> you are so dainty. >> not bad. >> um-hmm, that is good. >> pink one is made with beet juice. >> it is same thing but this has beats in it. >> i like it. >> well, lets get a shot of it first. there it is.
8:35 am
>> yep. >> the pinkish hugh is beet juice. >> yes, mixed with the cream cheese and then the round leaves you make it look so difficult to cut. >> ready. >> ready. >> there you go. >> look at that. >> these would be cute as mini side if you eat them individually. you could share that. so, will you try this one. >> you take a pan like this. take a peta bread and slice its around. you will have one in the bottom. >> hey, keith, i have been gone for six weeks. do we have a overhead. >> yes, right above you. >> yes. >> put your filling in. >> yes. >> smash it in, like. >> we need to put a mark on the table where the overhead shoots down so i remember where the put the dam thing
8:36 am
but nothing upsets me, rainbows. >> press this down, take the topping. >> put this here. >> just layer it. >> and then this is what will help it. >> is what name of this. >> spring formed pan. >> thank you. >> yes. >> it goes like this. >> then you go like this and make sure it is in. this is the part that is hard. >> it is like a toast ada and you will go up, up, up, and around. >> everything is coming around >> thinks where it is time consuming. >> it works, mike. >> sure it does. >> welcome back, mike. >> we have to have roberta on. >> bring left, i was trying to ban you from the show. >> that is awesome, mike thanks. >> has she been on since i have been gone. >> yes. >> thanks, mike. >> laugh you. >> there is no baking. >> no baking.
8:37 am
>> just let it come together. >> i like this idea, i have to admit this one is not bad at all can you get a chunk of that off for me the. >> the pink one, the pink. >> it is ranch dressing. >> i got to tell you, that is good. >> no owe even if but i was surprised. >> i wouldn't lie to you but this time i'm not. >> here's the question do you like beats over actual cake. >> do you prefer this over actual cake. >> no, heck handful of no. >> what was your question. >> do you like beats. >> do i like beats, they are ricolored beats, there are many different colors. >> if you roast them it goodies. >> what are you making a birthday cake. >> so you go like this and decorate it all way around with carrots and put your topping on top. >> maybe do this for your
8:38 am
birthday in july. >> no, no, no. >> are you sure. >> good to see you roberta. >> great for instance gram. >> from salad to kind, peeps are out, easter ace coming, right? they are no loaning your favorite easter candy, sweet treats on top of an easter kind, list. now see i'm a big candy of hallow chocolate bunny. that has to be number one. we will find out. >> i like reese's egg. >> yeah. hi
8:39 am
hey i'll take one of those new fast play games. oh, you ready for a rush? uh, sure! ♪
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protecting 100% of your mouth's surfaces. colgate total for whole mouth health. easter candy survey what would you think is the top thing? i thought it would be peeps from pennsylvania. >> would you think. >> no. on average people spend $57 on canned toy fill up their easter baskets but certain sweet treats are more
8:42 am
popular then others, as you can imagine. so the survey by what who dit. >> retail me not, they ranked top five and number five. >> our graphics are still upside down, that hasn't changed. >> we wanted to make sure you came back and were familiar with things so we left it in place. >> so again tell me why we don't go bottom to top because we don't have that graphics package is that right. >> yes, we'd to have create it >> that doesn't bother me. nothing bothers me any more. not since i have been away. >> should we do this then. >> serenity now, serenity now. >> so peeps are number five. >> number five. >> they used to be number one. >> sure. >> then hershey's eggs. >> yeah, yeah. >> three is jelly beans. >> never a fan of the jelly beanie did in the like ronald reagan. >> when it comes to baskets they make it easy,.
8:43 am
>> the hallow chocolate bunny. >> yes, reese's eggs. >> yes. >> reese's cups. >> number one, it is recess the mini peanut butter chocolate egg. i was thinking of the big one. i'll take minis. >> recess number one. >> i love it. that is my favorite candy. >> not the pieces, i don't like the pieces. they taste extremely different to me. >> it is just pieces pieces are like, stuff at the bottom of the candy bag, right, left over. >> is that what they are. >> basically what it is. >> yes. >> now chocolate bunny, hallow chocolate bunny, i guess there is a proper way to eat it. i bite the ears off guy. >> do you go ears first. >> i just stick with the recess all the way. >> you have eaten a hallow chocolate bunny. >> i don't think so. >> isn't it kind of like don't you feel ripped off, i mean i guess you know it is hallow but why not make it full. >> they do make solid.
8:44 am
>> that is more expensive. >> i don't think it taste as good. >> roberta can you talk to the intern that was working with you have her buy a hallow chocolate bunny because this woman has made it to this age and never eaten a hallow chocolate bunny. >> in my defense, i like chocolate but i'm in the a big check late person so that is why. >> how do you make it to this age, roberta, we're doing a tv show here. >> she's talking. >> she's upset with me. >> so we will get you a check late bunny, and then eat it live on tv for the first time. >> you'll tell me where to start. >> i go with the ears first. sometimes the hallow chocolate bunny the ears are not hallow. >> sometimes they are solid. >> okay, but body is hallow i have been given check late bunnies or give them to my dad i like check late but not in large quantities but you will make me eat it.
8:45 am
>> i love chocolate. >> yes, you do. >> and brown sugar. >> yes. >> jen, let's get married. >> let's get married. >> yes, it is wedding season, mike, you have two daughters you know how much these are, they are gorgeous. how about a sample sale year round, we are in the place where they have them come on back to the wedding shop. in the middle of a storm destiny struck.
8:46 am
did may imagine april showers bringing her fashionable, flowers at such a sunny price? never but that's the beauty of a store full of surprises. you never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're gonna love it.
8:47 am
8:48 am
update to breaking news we first told but out of russia. we have learn at least 10 people are dead in the blast on a train in st. petersberg subway. several subway stations in the city of been closed and evacuation underway, russian president putin says investigators are looking into a possible terror attack in the situation. he also offered his condolence s to the families of those killed. we will continue to update you as more information becomes available but we want to tell you at least 10 people are dead in that attack. there will be more information coming through and we will keep you updated. coming up at 8:49. let's update weather with sue. >> we have a look at allergy report because today will be pretty bad that tree pollen, and not so much tomorrow, why? because we had some rain on the way, strong thunderstorms
8:49 am
down to the south of us in mississippi, alabama and near cincinnati where phillies start their season today but it could be rainy, not here though, it looks good as we, head into had evening hours is when rain begins tonight, so rainy day tomorrow, a rainy day on thursday with sunny days in between. wednesday looks fantastic. friday, we're still formulate ago this forecast, for us. right now it looks chilly with a chance for rain but we have got the rest of the weekend as well because as you know, alex , friday is the phillies home opener and i think you are making plans to go. you don't want to wear a punch o. >> i have my phillies t-shirt and i want to have my arms out so i can rock that. i have plans, sue. >> all right, well, you might need a sweater regardless. >> likely have a carnival and they have face painting, concert. >> it is a fancy. it is, i'm excited for is. rain or shine.
8:50 am
designer wedding gowns for less, jen's checking out a brightal sample sale this morning at wedding shop in wayne, hi there, jen. >> hi guys, good morning. a lot of places of sample sale for two or three days but you have it all year round. good morning. thinks pat fret wedding shop. >> hi. >> people love this store for many reasons but they don't know you have this all year. >> we have sample sale all the time, dresses are mark anywhere from 25 to 75 percent off. >> so i asked you on the phone to give us some really great reasons to get a sample dress? lets go over these things as we begin. >> price's number one because you can get a great discount. you goat see what you are buying. we do offer alterations so you can have it altered, we have cleaning services if you want to have it professionally cleaned. we have a lot of bride today that are getting married in three to four months. time of ordering and we have bride that want to see what they are getting, touch it, feel it, so they can purchase it right off the rack and if
8:51 am
they want to take it, they can take it. >> when we talk about customizing a dress, that right there you can put in an ill legs if you weren't comfortable, to do those type of things. >> yes. >> if you really wanted to put a wider strap, wanted to line box of this dress. thinks all naked. this is a look that bride want today. yes, you can do it. >> i love that idea. you have different things you might see upstairs in some of the other areas. >> we have to buy new dresses, twice a year, so we have to move some samples. is there absolutely 2017 dresses here. it is not just dresses five years old they have never been altered. you are looking at a dress that is from the manufacturers as you can see it and everyone of the top once we carry out stairs we don't buy different stuff. >> you have to think burr size >> sample size is normally eight, 10, 12. >> okay. >> if you are wearing normally
8:52 am
size four, six, eight, 10, 12 you can do it. size 14 sometimes depend if it is a fuller dress and don't to worry about the hipps, we cannery lease it or if you are little. >> that is easy. >> and also, some bride have this idea that maybe they have been looking at magazines for years and they have this, toda , this may not be the situation for them. >> right, no, you know what if you come in and look at our regular dresses upstairs we will always tell someone we have dresses downstairs for sale, take a look you never know. sometimes upstairs if the girl loves a dress and we don't have time to order we will sell it out of stock for little bit off. >> great tip. >> yes. >> other thing i asked as i came in you can kind of tell, right when a girl comes in, obviously talk to them on the phone. your people can tell within five minutes what five dresses they might look at. >> absolutely look at their shape and know we have to eliminate some off the bad. we have some a girl comes in and says i definitely want
8:53 am
ivory. we will in the look at any dress in color or in white. so, you have to gear to the specifics here. >> i love it. >> thanks very much. >> you're well company. >> okay, gorgeous, gorgeous stuff. >> all year round. maybe some die coming here for you. >> certainly there for alex. she looked lovely in the wedding gown. just got to go on a first day. just kidding. i love alex. she's out of the room. i can talk about her. >> she was just telling me about her saturday night, she was telling me she was asleep on her couch by 9:00 o'clock. of course, i was too. not on her couch but my couch, a loan. so i missed this on friday because i was than the here,
8:54 am
karen and alex got in the how did that go? it was all because of the annual pillow fight in philly over weekend. >> i saw this. they did this in washington square park. >> who is walking in bill cosby, okay, lets go back to norristown here montgomery county courthouse, we have seen this played all out over and over the last year and a half. they have set a court date for the trial, for actual trial this is a prelimb hearing once again but trying will be first or second week of june. we have a couple more months to wait on that but in this particular hearing today as he walks in with his attorneys. they will go before a judge and what his attorneys, cosby 's attorneys don't want to be mentioned, it is a book from the past and interview did he with larry king years and years ago. where he brought up the fact
8:55 am
that guys my age will remember this you talk about spanish fly, supposed to be an aphrodisiac with teenage boys always talk b he was kind of joking, his attorney says he was joke to go larry king about the use of spanish fly, i don't know his attorneys say i don't want to hear the word quaaludes or spanish fly in the hearing. we will see what the judge said will be heard and not heard in this particular case. it should start here in about 9:15, 9:20. >> yes. >> in montgomery county in norristown. we will be right back.
8:56 am
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karen hepp has join us now i swear to got she's here.e, ths outrageous. i think this is outrageous. she has brought a couch in the
8:59 am
studio. i swear, i swear, serenity now , nothing you can do can upset me. nothing you can do can upset me. >> there we go. >> she has brought a couch. this show after 21 years has never had a couch. is this because i was away. >> we will thought thought you can sit dow being on the couch. >> yes. >> this is not right. back. an outrage
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